Nuevo - Guard 2K GUARD 2K Recubrimiento estructural TINTABLE


We proudly present our new product GUARD K TRUCK BED LINER TINTABLE (Article 37416) with Hardener for Guard 2k Truck Bed Liner (Article 12415).


This product is a 2K, fast drying protection product with excellent adhesion to a variety of materials.

It can be applied on metal, wood, plastic, concrete/stone, fibreglass and a lot more.

GUARD will form a very strong and durable surface that is damage, scratch and stain resistant.

This surface will also protect against corrosion and high temperatures.

Due to its high flexibility, GUARD will also provide good sound insulation and the surface will not crack or flake off.

This product is easy to use as 750 ml truck bed liner is already filled in the 1-litre can, just add 250ml hardener + 100 ml basecoat and the product is ready to be applied by UBS spray gun.


The product comes in a packing size with 12 pcs and can be ordered as of now.