1K Acrylic Paint

Chamäleon 1K Acrylic Paint is a high quality paint which offers excellent adhesion. The product is fast drying, scratch-proof and very easy to sand.

Name Color Packing Article Package
1K Acrylic Paint black 1l 50010 6
1K Acrylic Paint silver 1l 50020 6


application/pdf 50010 SDS 1K Acrylic lacquer black matt_GB.pdf (276.0 KiB)

application/pdf 50010 TDS Acryllac schwarz matt.pdf (402.5 KiB)

application/pdf 50020 SDS 1K Silver RAL 9006_GB.pdf (279.0 KiB)

application/pdf 50020 TDS 1K Silber RAL 9006.pdf (397.9 KiB)