• 2K acrylic clear coat in high-solid quality of high scratch resistance
  • Optimized for temperatures warmer than 25°C / 77°F
  • Ready to use after addition of UHS Hardener 277
  • Based on reflow technology
  • Provides outstanding protection coupled with resistance to microscratches (e.g. by car wash) and chemicals
  • Recommended for high quality complete or partial painting of cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles
Nom Emballage Article Emballage
178 Vernis transparent UHS 5 l 11788 4
Durcisseur UHS 2,5 l 12777 4


application/pdf 11785,11788 SDS UHS Clear Coat_GB.pdf (1.1 MB)

application/pdf 11785,11788 TDS UHS Clear Coat_GB.pdf (437.9 kB)

application/pdf 12774,12777 SDS UHS Hardener_GB.pdf (1.1 MB)