533 Fiberglass Light Putty Black Line

  • New fiberglass light putty is a new product with unique characteristics
  • It weighs almost half of ordinary putty and this helps to avoid extra weight on the repaired part
  • Because of its unique fillers it does not create pores
  • It is easy to sand, it has high elasticity and excellent adhesive properties to different materials
  • Can be easily sanded down to zero
  • No need for additional fine putty application, can directly be overcoated with filler primer
  • Light green colour
Name Packing Article Package
Fiberglass Light Putty Black Line 1000 ml 15335 6
Fiberglass Light Putty Black Line 500 ml 15334 12


application/pdf 15334 - 15335 TDS Fiberglass Light Putty.pdf (360.6 KiB)

application/pdf 15334, 15335_SDS Fiberglass Light Putty_GB.pdf (365.1 KiB)