404 2K Wash/Etch primer

  • An acid curing, chromate-free 2K-Primer especially developed for aluminum surfaces
  • Used to provide an active protection against corrosion and excellent adhesion to iron
  • Resistant to weak acids and bases, propellants, solvents, water and deicing salt
  • Easy to sand, even after a longer period
  • Quick drying allows quick working
Name Colour Packing Article Package
Wash/Etch primer yellow-green 1 l 14045 6
Hardener for wash primer   0,5 l 12044 6


application/pdf 12044 SDS Hardener for Wash primer_GB.pdf (398.6 kB)

application/pdf 14045 SDS 2K Wash primer_GB.pdf (1.3 MB)

application/pdf 14045 TDS 2K Wash primer_GB.pdf (318.5 kB)

application/pdf Poster_Protective primers_A4_EN.pdf (2.5 MB)